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HOW-GB Kayak Fishing Trip.

Before continuing, please click the links below to sign your Liability and Media Waivers. 

Please select add-ons for any equipment you will need provided. This helps to ensure we have enough for everyone. All items are provided at no cost.

Please check in at the HOW table located near the HOW trailer, and check out once all equipment is turned in. This ensures a safe environment and that we do not leave anyone out.

Please ensure you have a current and valid fishing license. They can be purchased online or at several various locations.


Personal Flotation Devices are required to be worn at all times while participating on the water.

Volunteers and participants are encouraged to bring any snacks they’d like to have on the water.

Bottled water is provided. It will be stored near the equipment trailer in a large cooler. If you wish to keep your water cold/cool while on the kayak, a personal soft sided cooler is a good idea.

Spare clothing, wet/cold weather gear and extra shoes are a good idea to have with you. Coastal weather can be unpredictable at times. Occasionally, low water levels require that some may have to enter the water. This is to assist in getting kayaks over a wall that is usually under water, but may get exposed. This is only in one spot, the bottom is hard sand, and the water level is between ankle and waist deep. We have volunteers that are happy to do this for our attendees, so you won’t be required to get wet if you don’t wish.

Catch, Photo, Release (CPR) is the preferred method of enjoying your catch and encouraged. It is the participant’s decision to keep fish or not, however they should be mindful of legal limits and any consumption warnings that may be in place.

Please feel free to reach out to us if there are any questions!

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