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Carp fishing with local fishing celebrity and author, Joe Bruce

This ius a special event for a local US Army unit and will be at the Elk River Park in Elkton, MD.   We only need volunteers for this event.  PLEASE FILL OUT THE ONLINE WAIVERS LISTED BELOW.

Volunteers should be ready at 7:30 am Veterans

Event Coordinator.: Wayne Stinchcomb

Email questions regarding event to: Maryland@heroesonthewater.org

Weather Considerations: Events are rain or shine.  It will probably be cool so dress appropriately for weather.  You will be notified if the event is cancelled for any reason.

NOTICE: Please fill out the liability waiver and the Media waiver by following these links. You must fill out the waiver in order to participate. Thank you for your assistance.

Liability Waiver: https://app.smartsheet.com/b/form/8ea16d8b2a1949d293dcbc8a59e748ee and

Media Waiver:


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